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Girls Aloud -Jesse Metcalfe & Nadine Coyle

by | 21st, March 2007

nadine_coyle_jesse_metcalfe.jpg“JESSE Metcalfe and Nadine Coyle, it would appear, couldn’t be more in love.”

Yes, gentle readers “it would appear”. Can it be that OK!, bastion of stunning women and hunky men who fall madly in love, is doubting the authenticity of what it sees?

Surely, Jesse, who played the gardener’s chest in Desperate Housewives, and reality TV stalwart Nadine are madly in love. But OK! says only “they look like they’ve been repeatedly jabbed with Cupid’s arrow”. Is this prick the cherub’s love weapon or the sharp point of an agent’s pen? What does it look like?

Jesse and Nadine fall into an “exquisite embrace”…beneath a waterfall. Is this love au natural? They hold hands. They canoodle. Nadine wears gold shoes by the pool. Jesse wears a look of ecstasy as he delivers a kiss to the Coyle cheek.

It’s all so very careful. So precise. Nadine says Jesse is very neat. This is no euphemism. Jesse is neat. His face is neat, with all things in the right place. The wispy down on his upper torso is more ordered than a Bob Fosse chorus line. His skin tone suggests lest tanned than dipped.

Then messiness. OK! notes that Nadine and Jesse broke up for short while last year. Not so, says Nadine. “I mean,” says she, “we were talking all the way through and talking about the fact that everyone was talking about us splitting up!”

We begin to see that they have much in common. So they got back together.

Jesse says the break was a “bump in the road”. Not road kill. But something that can be ironed out. Something that can be made as smooth as, well, Jesse’s back and shoulders.

Then to a sun lounger. It’s blue and white. So too are Jesse’s crease-free shorts. Jesse and Nadine talk about marriage, children and how Jesse avoids the press. Jesse says that if a picture of Nadine wearing no knickers came out he’d be mortified.

Nadine wears a navy swimming costume. So does Jesse…

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