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Gordon Brown’s Rubbish Budget

by | 23rd, March 2007

bin.jpgWITH all the Budget talk you’d think there was no other news, but yesterday the Lyons Report was buried published in local government finance,  writes Dizzy.

The Government “welcomed” the report as well which essentially means it’s highly likely to become policy.

What was in it? Well lots of things, but the most important was “rubbish tax”. A “pay as you throw” proposal as it were. The more rubbish you produce the more you pay for it’s disposal (as well as paying your increasing Council tax which will go up even further when revaluation happens).

Not to worry though. All those low earning families hit by the budget and likely to be hit by a rubbish tax need to make one simple investment of about £50.

An incinerator bin (pictured)…. don’t worry about the pollution, it’s called the law of unintended consequences, something this Government specialises in.


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