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Britney Spears Saved By Dr Phil

by | 24th, March 2007

oprahphil1.jpgSAVE Britney Spears.

It’s the cry de coeur on the Enquirer’s front page.

And help is on the way. Britney’s saviour doesn’t come on the end of a pair if hair shears, in a vial of prescribed drugs or dressed in a white vest, but via the offices of Dr Phil.

The institutionalised, bedridden and other watchers of daytime telly will know Dr Phil from his work on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.

Now, as the Enquirer tells us, Dr Phil has his own daytime TV show.

You can trust Dr Phil. He wants to be on first-name terms with the daytime telly watching fraternity, aka his patients past, present and future.

The days when a doctor was known by his surname are gone – unless Dr is Phil’s first name, in which case we stand corrected.

And Dr Phil’s surgery is open to Britney Spears. There’s been a call from Britney’s mum Lynne.

“Please save my daughter,” a source hears Lynn asks the TV psychologist. “Phil told Lyne bluntly that Britney must stop being treated like everybody’s meal ticket.”

A reference to the star’s weight gain? Dr Phil has lent his name to the Dr. Phil Foundation, which raises funds to fight childhood obesity.

“He believes that everyone around her is so afraid of losing their jobs they don’t tell her the truth she needs to hear – that she’s self destructive and badly needs help,” says the source.

Happily, Dr Phil is not on Britney’s payroll. His medicine chest contains only a caring heart. And if Britney should come to learn of his advice via the pages of a celebrity magazine, then so be it. You use the tools that get the job done.

And in case Britney misses Dr Phil talking to her via the newsstands, she can listen to him talking about her on the magic box.

Says Dr Phil to the watching millions: “I’m not sure that a Hollywood rehab is exactly what’s called for in this situation.”

What Britney needs is not mentioned. But we suggest a session on Dr Phil’s daytime sofa. At 4pm each Tuesday, Britney should appear and open her heart and mind to Dr Phil.

He’s here to listen…

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