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Fame Of Sorts – Big Brother Shilpa Shetty’s Night Out With Jo O’Meara

by | 26th, March 2007

16230.jpgIAN ‘Preparation H’ Watkins, star of Big Brother, says he can unite Shilpa Shetty and Jo O’Meara.

As the Star reports, Ian has invited Shilpa and O’Meara to come and see him perform in the musical Fame.

You don’t need an invitation to watch this show, just a spare night, legwarmers and the desire to see H share his desire to live forever.

Says Ian: “Shilpa is coming and I am saving a seat for Jo. I really want her to come. It’s time everyone put what happened on BB behind them and moved on.”

So Big Brother star Ian has issued an invitation to two other Big Brother agonists to join him. But will O’Meara be there?

“I’ve sent messages to her thought friends,” says Ian of O’Meara, “but so far nothing.”

Is Ian worried by the silence – O’Meara has, by her own admission, attempted suicide?

Ian goes on: “I’ve now sent word she’s invited to the opening night of Fame and it would mean a lot if she came.”

Such is O’Meara’s financial state – the Star reminds us how she’s having to sell her £350,000 house to pay the bills – Ian’s invitation may involve the singer selling choc ices in the interval.

But there is no word from O’Meara. Did she get the message that Ian called? And, if not, does she read the Star and thereby learn of Ian’s offer?

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