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Anna Nicole Smith’s Autopsy Game

by | 26th, March 2007

blowup_doll.jpgANNA Nicole Smith had a ¾ x ½ inch flat scar on the “upper inner aspect of the right breast quadrant”.

Such was the gargantuan size of the Smith bosom that it came not in pairs but in quadrants.

For those of you tuning in to Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy on the radio, the coroner is now entering quadrant A3. Check your Anna Nicole Smith Autopsy ‘Cut’ Cards and make the appropriate mark with your souvenir biro.

The coroner will then draw his knife into quadrant A2, bypassing B3 before going on a mazy run to C4.

The autopsy over and the results are soon in.

And Anorak can reveal that Anna Nicole also had a ½ x 3/8 inch scar on “the medial aspect of her left nipple”.

But these scars do not offer an indication as to how Anna Nicole Smith died – Anna Nicole was not offed by her breasts. Neither was she stabbed.

The cause of her demise is found in her blood.

According to the Broward County Medical Examiner, one Dr. Joshua Perper, Anna Nicole died by “ACCIDENT”. She was not murdered. She did not commit suicide.

A total of nine prescription drugs were found in the deceased’s system, featuring such notables as chloral hydrate, Valium, Klonopin and Ativan.

The Dr notes “contributory causes” were a viral flu and an abscess on her right buttock, the result of injections.

As visible in the D5 zone of your inflatable Anna Nicole Smith autopsy doll…

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