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Ana & The King – Prince William Has A Brazilian

by | 27th, March 2007

wills.JPGPRINCE William is in a nightclub.

This much we know. William has already been pictured with “leggy blonde” Lisa Agar, 19. News was that William invited Lisa back to barracks for a nightcap.

Now William is pictured on the Sun’s front page in the company of two brunette women. Still in Elements club, Bournemouth, Wills stands in the centre of the threesome.

“Where there’s Wills there’s a WAHAY!” says the front-page headline. “HE GRABS GIRL’S BOOB..DON’T TELL KATE.”

But too late, we fear. We live in an age where the genteel classes are likely to rub up against a tabloid paper and chances are high news has reached William’s lover Kate Middleton.

But it is not all bad news for Kate. The so-called “grab” of 18-year-old Ana Ferreira’s right breast is no full-fisted assault. As the Sun notes, Williams is 6ft 3in and Ana is a petite 5ft 4in.

Anorak has taken the liberty to re-enact this manoeuvre and with orange box, warmed hand and Old Mr Anorak looking on, we play Ana And The King.

And there are words to go with the deeds. “I was a little bit drunk myself and felt something brush my breast,” says Ana. “I thought it couldn’t be the future king – but now I’ve seen the picture it is no wonder he has a smile on his face.”

We commend Ana’s grasp of the English language, which she seems to have picked up from reading old copies of the Sun. Says Ana: “He has big manly hands and certainly knows what to do with them.”

Something the Anorak typing pool are fast learning…

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