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Making News At The New Wembley

by | 29th, March 2007

wembley.jpgHOW long before a journalist from one paper infiltrates the office’s of a rival organ and walks about unchallenged for four hours?

See roving reporter Phil Space move about the place with cat-like, yet brazen, stealth and bravado.

He could steal anything. And yes, as ever, he could plant a bomb.

That for later. Today, the Star’s man in a hard hat is at the new Wembley. He is exposing the “shocking security” at the new national football stadium.

And he is not alone. The Star’s man is part of a team. Says the paper: “They had endless opportunities to hide explosives as they wandered around all areas of the stadium for FOUR HOURS.”

Much shock. Much scandal. They are in the toilets, restaurants and “other rooms”.

Says reporter Ross Kanuik: “I could have left several bombs there with timer devices.”

That he could, providing the bombs had been small and stable enough to carry in the pockets of his jeans.

And they might have gone off had they been made of a substance that does not deteriorate over time and if no security checks were made before the crowds were let into the stadium.

He goes on: “We had so much time we could have removed panels around the ground and placed anything inside.” Given the cost of tickets, we suggest Mr Kanuik place himself inside the cavity and wait for the main event.

It is so much shocking and unbelievable stuff. And we urge Mr Kanuik to not rest until he has located other venues where he can wander about unmolested and maybe plant a bomb.

Perhaps at his private residence, a central London department store or the Star’s offices…

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