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Call Me Dani – Big Brother Danielle Lloyd’s New Book

by | 30th, March 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpgBIG Brother bully Danielle Lloyd is back on the Star’s front page.

With the weather warming up, Danielle wears only a pair of white bikini briefs. To avoid accusations of looking cheap or in any way slutty, Danielle employs her elbows to cover her nipples.

But she may feel like throwing her arms in the air at the news that publishers are “battling” to give her £1million for her life’s story.

Surely, say you, all the book company need do to relay the life and times of Danielle Lloyd is to stick a hard back cover on the Star.

But there is so much more to writing a book that cobbling together old quotes, file photos and advertorial. Really. A book needs care. A book needs nurturing.

Indeed, it is a pity that Danielle is no longer on Wagging terms with footballer Teddy Sheringham. As readers know, Teddy has produced an autobiography.

Teddy could have used what he learned from writing ‘Teddy’ to help Dani with plotting and pacing. Take off her top too early in the narrative and Dani risk’s losing her audience for the fuller dressed parts. By all means begin with a bang, but then pace yourself for the final flash of glory.

But even without Teddy’s input, the book will be a winner. The book will tell us what she really thinks of Shilpa Shetty and how Teddy “measures up in bed against other stars”.

As a source close to Danielle tells us: “It will be a red-hot page-turner – full of steamy details about Dani’s love-life and late-night dreams.”

As we say, stick a piece of cardboard around the Star (35p) and job done…

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