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by | 2nd, April 2007

havers1.jpgANOTHER elderly Brit who has been struggling to gets his hands on some cash is uber-posh luvvie Nigel Havers.

The urbane 57-year old has finally won a large cash settlement from his late wife’s £2.3 million estate after a prolonged court battle, according to the Telegraph.

The actor, son of former Lord Chancellor Sir Michael Havers, began his legal battle after his wife Polly, who succumbed to ovarian cancer back in 2004, left most of her sizeable estate to her two sons with Havers only getting a share of their London marital home, poor fellow.

However, much to the delight of the actor, famous for his roles in Upstairs Downstairs, The Charmer, A Passage To India and not much since, he will now get his well-manicured hands on a tidy £375,000 sum as well as the proceeds from the sales of his late wife’s Mercedes along with a whole load of her jewellery.

However, despite his single-minded quest to attain a bigger slice of the estate, Havers has hardly been teetering on the brink of homelessness, as he currently resides in salubrious Holland Park with multi-millionaire divorcee Georgiana Bronfman.

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