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Smiley Miley & Hannah Montana Land On London

by | 3rd, April 2007

miley.jpgDESTINY Hope Cyrus, aka Miley, aka Hannah Montana, is upon us.

Says she: “I love London. I love all the cool buildings…Even the little things you guys don’t think about I think are totally awesome.”

In case you missed that, Destiny is American. And in case Mirror readers missed it, Destiny’s words first appeared on the BBC children’s show Newsround.

Destiny’s father is Billy Ray Cyrus, the man who bemoaned his Achy Breaky Heart, the man who sang “You can tell your ma I moved to Arkansas”. Dad calls his daughter Miley because she is so smiley. (Anyone else feel a follow up hit looming?)

And Destiny is in London to promote her Hannah character, which began life on TV and has moved into music and fashion. Hannah is aimed at six to 14-year-olds.

(The plot: Fourteen-year-old Destiny plays schoolgirl Miley Stewart, a normal girl by day but leads a double life as a chart-topping pop star by night. It’s the tale of two tweens. It’s Britney Spears in a chaste school uniform.)

Says Billy Ray: “You know the saying, ‘She’s got an old soul’? Well, she’s got an old soul and her old soul’s got a lot of soul.”

Billy Ray thinks his daughter’s music is terrific.

And very soon you will too.

As Peter Harte, of Top of The Pops magazine, tells us: “Very soon, you’ll not be able to escape her. DVDs, albums, singles, clothing. This is Hannah Montana’s year and she’s going to be everywhere.”mullet.jpg

All tweens will want to be her. But not everyone can be.

Talent will out, but having a parent or sibling in the business can help – Hanna Montana stars Emily Jordon Osment, younger sister of The Sixth Sense star, Haley Joel Osment, and Mitchel Musso, whose “entire family” work in the entertainment industry as actors and musicians.

Expect to see tweens asking their parents why they can’t be famous? And why dad can’t be more like Billy Ray…

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