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Tesco Not So Local

by | 3rd, April 2007

tesco-local.jpgTHOSE lovely mega-supermarkets are at it again.

The Independent reports that Tesco are being accused of “stretching the definition of local past breaking point”.

The retail giant has launched a last-ditch attempt to stop the Competition Commission from focusing on local markets in its new study of the grocery industry.

The CC is investigating whether or not supermarkets are excessively dominating local shopping and in response Tesco is arguing that “local” should mean as much as a 30-minute drive from a store rather than the traditionally accepted 10-to-15 minute journey.

The UK’s biggest supermarket chain also claims that the UK grocery market should be viewed as one single national market.

Is this what Tesco means by an “inclusive offer” to the shopper?

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