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Jade Goody Is The Real Princess Diana

by | 4th, April 2007

princess-diana-wedding.jpgLAYDEES and gentlemen, please be upstanding for Jade Goody, “The Princess Diana of Reality TV.”

Of course, this is not as “bizarre” as the Star claims. Diana was the celebrity princess without parallel, the women who told us about her life under surveillance in the nation’s famous houses.

Diana was the star, the ordinary gel done good – Diana was a kindergarten teacher when Prince Charles came calling; Jade worked as a dental nurse. Jade is blonde, so too Diana. Both women speak in strange accents.

We could go on to list more similarities. We could mention Jade’s two sons, her estrangement from the children’s father, her mawkish appearance on the telly and how both women have lived in homes that belong to the state. Both women are less than academic.

Jade has been photographed not wearing a seat belt in a car. Alas, so too Diana.

But we pause there to listen to Jade address a 500-strong audience massed at the South Bank Centre, London’s brutalist arts complex.

The debate is “Reality TV: The New Reality?” and the star turn is Jade. She tells the crowd: “I’ve never looked on myself as a celebrity…I’m famous for nothing. I don’t have talent.”

We remind our readers that this is not Diana speaking but Jade Goody. And she has more to say. Jade talks of her time in the compound: “I controlled myself in the house. There was no one pulling strings.”

What of those tales of heavy editing, how the likes of Danielle Lloyd (boo) and Jo O’Meara (hiss) were made to look worse?

Is this Jade repaying the show’s producers for allowing her to leave the show without crowds baying for her blood? “They didn’t fix my mouth,” says Jade. “I said those things. It was me.”

And then: “They could have cut it out but why should they? It’s reality TV.”

Quite so. Everything is up as a form of entertainment, whether it’s Jade and her gang bullying an Indian woman, Jade’s funeral, Jade’s TV interview with Martin Bashir…

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