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Heather Mills Is A Leg-end

by | 4th, April 2007

heather-mills-dancing.jpgHEATHER Mills is “thrilling America”.

So says the Express on its cover page. And reading on we learn: “Heather thrills America.”

“She’s been called a gold-digger, compulsive liar and fantasist,” says the paper.

She has been labelled a “diva, divorcee shark and the most loathed amputee since the one-armed man in The Fugitive”. Has she? The Express say she has.

But Heather is so much more. What is she? A prostitute? No. “What no-one talks about much is Heather Mills the devoted mother,” says the paper.

But here comes the Express to put the record straight. Heather is pictured with her daughter Beatrice. Mother and daughter are both wearing yellow dresses.

Heather looks happy and carefree. There is no mention of £200million divorce settlements and German self-help sex books. There is sunshine and smiles.

And over in the Star, the Express’s sister paper, Heather Mills “is doing great”.

The paper’s Dominik Diamond is supportive of Heather. Says he: “Why am I being so nice about one of the most vilified women in Britain?”

Is it, as Dominik says, because he has hurt his leg playing football against “top band Little Man Tate” and now can empathise with Heather?

Or is it because the Express and Star are published by the same magazine that produces OK!, which is now available in the United States, where Heather is becoming a big star?

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