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Angleina Jolie Is A Bird Of Prey

by | 6th, April 2007

jolie-pitt-aniston-explode.jpg“THE Brangelina of Wilson Bridge’s Bald Eagle Set,” announces the Washington Post, and we are curious.

Can it be that birds are so like humans? And surely if any bird was going to be a Bradjenlina – an Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt hybrid – it would be the cuckoo or something showy and more migratory, like a trumpeter swan?

But if the Washington Post says Angelina Jolie is a Bald Eagle, then so be it. And reading on we learn that with Martha Eagle “scarcely cold in the grave” (Bald Eagles have graves?) boyfriend George Eagle is already playing house with Angelina.

Says the Post: “Worse: It’s the nestwrecker who tried to peck to death Martha, George’s longtime mate and the mother of his 16 eaglets.”

Harsh on Angelina, perhaps. And in the spirit of fairness and perspective, the bird of prey is also known as Camailla among workers at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Maryland.

In any case, Martha is no more. Martha flew into a tree or a power line and dislocated an elbow in her right wing. She was “euthanized”. Or murdered by lethal injection, as is the American way.

With Martha dead, Angelina moved in.

Michael S. Baker, environmental manager for the bridge project, tells the paper: “Since January, they’ve gotten closer and closer, first hanging out on the same branch, one in the nest, the other right beside it, then in the same nest.

“They were spending so much time together that we were somewhat hopeful they would do their thing and lay some eggs. But they’re just not there yet.”

Shame on that. But they could always adopt. Or else set up a nest in, say, Namibia. Other birds would have to adhere to the no-fly zone around the exotic nest, but we think they will be happy to oblige.

Spotter: Cheryl Freeman

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