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Iran Hostages -Blame Tony Blair

by | 8th, April 2007

From Anorak Forums on Iran hostages, Tony Blair and President Ahmadinejad.

“YOUR released hostages! You were not at war with Iran nor they with you, one can only shudder to think of the headlines over there in the UK then and now if your men and one woman had picked up guns and shot just one of the Iranian soldiers to defend themselves against capture! It was obvious from the beginning that Iran was showing its muscles and odds were high they were not intending to hurt your soldiers – crazy he is but as I wrote the other week he is not that crazy! Your soldiers did no wrong giving him the lip service of thank yous and pasted on but insincere smiles on their faces – the name of the game was to get the hell out of there – alive and walking — not carried home!

Should they be paid for their stories? No comment on that except to say take it out of Tony’s salary – his fault they were in that part of the world to begin with.”


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