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Coronation Street’s Crackhead Craig Charles Is Saved

by | 10th, April 2007

craig-charles.jpgHARD luck on Faye Turney that her account of so much knickers, cigarettes and tears in Iran should coincide with Coronation Street actor Craig Charles’s story of drugs and sex.

The Mirror, as ever, watches the bigger picture while the Sun is distracted by tawdry stories of Big Brother does Iran.

Today, the “CORRIE CRACK ADDICT’S” wife Jackie tells all.

As husband Craig lay on a bed in a drugged stupor, Jackie “ripped off the blanket and flew at him”. Her fists pounded his chest. “Enough!” she yelled. “I’ve had enough! How can you do this to me? To the kids!”

We feel a need to remind readers that this is not Faye Turney talking. This is not “gutsy Faye” remembering the time she met President Ahmadinejad. The similarities are spooky but this is Jackie Craig telling all.

“I completely lost it and walloped him. He curled into ball and just kept crying ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’.”

President Ahmadinejad, sorry, cracked-up Craig Charles has hurt his wife. Jackie can take no more and “flees” the interview in tears.

Soon she returns. “Even though my marriage was collapsing, I never once took off my wedding ring…That’s not to say I didn’t think about leaving him, I did,” says Jackie. She left him three times.

But it didn’t work. And it wasn’t until Jackie saw those helpful Mirror pictures of Craig smoking crack in the backseat of a car that she realised the truth.

“I held my head in my hands and sobbed when I saw them,” says she. The pictures were a shock. And they were no less of a shock to Craig who was forced into “facing his demons”.

Craig speaks. “I hated myself. Hated what I was doing to my family.”

And the pictures? “I felt enraged at first. Then a heated mess of shame and guilt, then suicidal because I didn’t know if I could face the world as Crackhead Craig.”

Golly! Might it be that the Mirror’s expose of the soap actor’s recreational drug use could have led to his death?

Says Craig: “But those pictures made me answer for my appalling behaviour, face up to the fact I had a problem. So now I see that they saved me.”

Hurrah for the Daily Mirror, saviour of tired and emotional soap actors. But the paper should take care to know that not all troubled celebrities react in the same way and the Mirror may have to employ other tactics to save the fallen.

For now though, the paper basks in the glory of its latest success. Thanks to its caring heart Craig is no longer hooked on crack and addicted to premium rate sex chat lines, such as those highlighted in the Mirror’s classified sections.

A wife has her husband back. And Coronation Street has a clean and sober actor…

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