Anorak News | Jennifer Aniston’s Juggles Sam Rockwell, Ryan Kavanagh And Orlando Bloom

Jennifer Aniston’s Juggles Sam Rockwell, Ryan Kavanagh And Orlando Bloom

by | 11th, April 2007

jennifer.jpg“JENNIFER Aniston is “juggling 3 men”.

Has her career in light entertainment come to this? And how long before Aniston’s dreams of Oscar glory are dealt a deadly blow by a stint on Cirque Du Celebrite?

This is Jen’s “SHOCKING LOVE TRIANGLE”, says the Enquirer. And reading on we learn that strongwoman Jen is making geometric shapes with Orlando Bloom, Sam Rockwell and Ryan Kavanagh.

This is the Hollywood act everyone at the Enquirer’s offices is talking about.

The story goes that since her split from Brad Pitt, Jennifer has been wrestling with commitment issues. Fearful of falling for another man who lets her down, she is keeping her options open with three suitors.

From Kevin Bacon’s seven degrees of separations, we move into Jennifer Aniston’s one degree.

As a “friend” tells us: “All three of these guys are crazy about Jen, but she can‘t decide which one – if any of them – is Mr Right?”

Anorak feels a film script in the pipeline. Although the scriptwriters should take care with the plotting lest EastEnders sue for plagarism, especially if Jen has a yearned-for baby and is unable to work out the father’s identity.

And then there is Vince Vaughan, Jen’s former flame. Jen dated Vince for a year, a period that coincided with – get this – their promoting the film The Break-Up. Film ended. Credits rolled. Jen and Vince broke up.

But, as the source says: “Jen could even add Vince back to her string of suitors because, after surprising her by showing up at her recent birthday party, he’s been begging for a second chance.”

The star of the film Gate Crashers showed up unexpectedly at Jen’s party? Life mirrors art. How long before Vince, who is to star in Fred Claus, is climbing down your chimney with a bag of swag and kissing grandma? In Hollywood the script is everything.

But talent is important. And very soon Jen will be juggling not one, not two, not three but…four men!

With her hair…

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