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Sickness Benefits – Back To Work

by | 11th, April 2007

FEELING a bit hungover? Can’t seem to get out of bed? Considering taking the day off? Well think again you lazy selfish oaf, and hop in that shower. Your economy just can’t take it anymore.

Sickies” taken by the nation’s work-shy ingrates are apparently costing the UK economy a whopping £1.6bn a year according to a poll conducted by the CBI and insurers AXA.

The poll of employers also revealed that the humble employee took, on average, seven days off sick in 2006, adding up to a total loss of 175 million working days.

Think of all the internet surfing and aimless staring into space which could have been achieved in that time?

The survey also showed that employers attributed around 12% of short-term absences to “sickies”, around 21m days lost at a cost of £1.6bn.

Colds, flu and back pain are among the top five most common causes of short-term sickness, so if you are planning to skip a day or two, use your imagination, as your boss is on to you.

And his back is starting to spasm.

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