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Sanjaya Malakar And Other Subversives

by | 12th, April 2007

tom-lowe.jpgOVER on American Idol Sanjaya Malakar continues his impression of Manuel does Motown.

But something is changing within the whispering wonder.

As Tabloid Baby writes, Sanjaya’s revelatory performance of Besame Mucho revealed much more.

Overlooking the hairstyling – it “has crept down to cover his upper lip and chin” – we spot “Sanjaya’s friends”.

Featuring what TB calls “two of reality television’s most anarchic figures”.

Watch the video and see Tom Lowe, the controversial British Idol contestant, with “BJ” Averell, one of the Hippies who won the ninth Amazing Race, acting as if they were under the influence of something other than Sanjaya.

Says TB: “Lowe caused a mini-stir this season after he showed up at the Seattle auditions (where Sanjaya and his sister went through) and was soon outed as a former member of a boyband that had been under contract to Simon Cowell’s label. Lowe was featured in an extended segment that was shown only in the UK Idol feed, leading to speculation that he was a ringer inserted into the mix to boost ratings there.”

So what do they see in Sanjaya? A riddle wrapped up in an enigma wrapped in some hair and whispering, always whispering…

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