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Geri Halliwell’s Book Lacks Substance

by | 13th, April 2007

geri_halliwell_book.jpgIN compliance with the tenth rule of celebrity motherhood, Geri Halliwell has written a children’s book.

As the Sun reports, the book are centred on the character Ugenia Lavender, a girl who sounds like a bathroom cleaning product.

And lemon-scented Ugenia does indeed clean things up, namely mysteries. Look out for Ugenia solving the puzzle of Geri’s true age.

Says Geri: “It’s the rebirth of girl power. Ugenia’s got attitude.”

Attitude is how Americans and Geri, whose child’s father is of that persuasion, spell precocious.

Says Geri: “The characters I’ve built around her are both flawed and inspirational – just like us.”

No, not us, me and you – that would be dull and boring. Geri’s “us” are Gordon Ramsay and Victoria Beckham.

The book features an uncle Gordon a celebrity chef who shouts at people. Look out for him teaching Ugenia how to say “F*ck off” like she means it. F*cking Girl power!

And there’s Princess Posh Vatoria – marvel at Geri’s imagination at work. She arrives in a limo and introduces Ugenia to pouting and Flat Stanley, her own literary hero.

Says Geri: “There is a positive message in there, but it tastes like chocolate – not cabbage.”

We wonder if Geri has stumbled upon a new way in publishing, the edible book?

Geri’s work is food for thought, even if the plot is a tad anorexic and lacks any substance…

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