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Kate Moss Dresses And Pete Doherty Needs A Dressing

by | 13th, April 2007

petedreamboat1.jpg“WE apologise for carrying this disgusting picture of Cocaine Kate’s drug-raddled fiancé, but it’s the reality behind Ms Moss, the £3m darling of Topshop billionaire Sir Philip Green.”

The Mail does indeed feature a picture of Pete Doherty, the future Mr Kate Moss, puffing on a cigarette and showing us his livid scab.

The Mails sees the “weeping sores, cracked lips” and “bleeding nostrils”. Pete is performing at London’s hackney Empire. And he’s joined in stage by his “soiled supermodel” lover Kate Moss.

But the scene is not uniformly dowdy and caked in scabs and grime. Kate’s wedding finger is sparkling. She and Pete are engaged.

It’s an inspirational story, right? The supermodel peers beyond the glamour and the veneer of looks and sees deep within a man to find love?

Er, no. This is all too terrible. Kate is a trendsetter. Her deal with Topshop will see her clothes feature on the store’s racks. Girls will be able to ape her look. They will pursue a scab-faced lover. They too will take cocaine. They too will pose for the cover of Vogue magazine.

“ONCE I ADMIRED KATE, NOW I’M JUST SORRY FOR HER,” says the paper’s Victoria Coren. She says the Kate Moss collection is “bound to be a success”. She foresees “fights over the last vest on the rail”.

But Kate’s gamine looks are slipping away. Kate is “lost in a drug-fuelled haze”. Kate is “dismal, shabby, unwashed and in thrall of one of the most repugnant men even the world of rock ‘n’ roll has seen”.

Worst of all, Kate has been seen out in “boring clothes”. Kate’s natural look “suggests low self-esteem”.

But Kate can be saved. Says Victoria, women in their mid-30s “would cheer to see Kate Moss turn round to Pete Doherty and say: ‘I am not just the world’s number one supermodel. I am not just the UK’s hottest export. I am also a successful businesswoman. Now get out of my house.’”

And when you come back bring some fags…

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