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Gordon Brown: The Politics, The Petty And The Partisan

by | 14th, April 2007

GORDON Brown is doing a “man who would be King” in this morning’s Guardian, writes Dizzy.

However, the interview with Brown is quite interesting. For a man who we all know desperately wants to Prime Minister and his been waiting for so long for the job he also revealed that he’s thinking about his life “after-politics”.

He told the Guardian:

“For me, if I were to decide that I could contribute something by moving out of politics I would do it … There are great causes that people are championing, and achieving day to day, a great deal. So you keep asking yourself if you could do things better…. I think at all points you’ve got to question if what you’re doing is yielding results and whether it’s the right time to move on and do something else.”

For a man who so badly wants to be King he also seems to be acutely aware that the crown may not be his for long. He also attacked Lord Turnbull as petty and partisan it seems, in response to questioning about the Stalinist tag he said,

“It’s strange. I don’t think it really matters in the long run, does it? I mean there’s the petty and the partisan and the very personal stuff but at the end of the day you’ve got to be judged on what you either do or don’t do in the longer term.

Indeed he will be judged on what he did and didn’t do. It’s happening already with pensions; his tax credit system is in tatters through over-complication and sheer incompetence in allocation; and his “investment” in the NHS is being swallowed up by mismanagement and the mess of overt centralisation.


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