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Greens Are Navel-Gazing, US-Rabid And Gaia-Happy

by | 15th, April 2007

ON Vancouver’s Green Party candidate Kevin Potvin, JLuc writes:

KEVIN Vin is, to say the least, an ass. I live in Vancouver and wasn’t aware of the “fist of joy for 9/11″ story till today, but I stopped buying from his general newsstand when he published his editorial stating that the July 05 London bombings were a reasonable and brave response to cultural genocide or McDonald invasions or whatever. Personally told him why to his face as well, politely though.

Despite being concerned about global warming, his candidacy comforts me in my assessment that there isn’t much usefulness to expect from most national green parties. I’ve lived in France and its green party was clearly not something you’d want to run anything bigger than a school cafeteria. Now we see that the Canadian greens are so navel-gazing, US-rabid and Gaia-happy that they endorse this charlatan. Hopefully the mainstream parties will go green, because the greens sure as hell won’t ever get to power acting this way. Odd that they would be incompetent enough to take him aboard, even the Vancouver left municipal parties generally don’t want to touch Kevin with a 10 foot pole.

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