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Any Girl Will Do – Joseph Stars And Den Of Vice

by | 16th, April 2007

joseph.jpg“DREAM SHOW VICE SHOCK,” says the Star’s front-page headline, and we are engrossed and intrigued.

A picture of Any Dream Will Do host Graham Norton adds to the sense of shock. Can it be that the presenter of a BBC talent show to find the lead in a stage musical is – gulp! – straight?

Reading on the truth becomes no less fanciful as readers learn of how “vice girls” are “sneaking through a side gate” of the mansion where the show’s 12 finalists are staying.

“Everyone is in shock about the hookers,” says an insider. “The moaning and groaning goes on all night.”

So Joseph is a goer, or a go-go-go goer, as fans of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat might have it?

Inside the paper and there is a picture of a woman. She is smoking a fag. She is wearing knee-high boots. She is leaning against a wall. A leg is cocked. She is a “model” pretending to be a prostitute, or a vice girl, as is her wont.

And her type have been using the back of the mansion to service clients.

And, no, not one of the show’s contestants is involved as either a hooker or a punter. They are in the clear. And Norton’s sexuality remains a matte of innuendo, waved phallus and crass joke.

The story is that the show’s stars are being disturbed by the sounds of rented copulation.

A show insider says this is “no laughing matter”.

“These boys need their sleep. The last thing they need is to hear hookers carrying on with punters right on their doorstep.”

Is it? Joseph is the Biblical story of the son of Jacob, a man with 12 sons, one daughter and four wives.

Surely the sounds of sex put the show in context, and the stars in character…

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