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The Green Ming – LibDems And Green Shield Stamp Duty

by | 16th, April 2007

ming.jpgRAISING their voices to let us know that they are still alive, yet alone still around, the Lib Dems are proposing that homeowners face a retrospective rise in stamp duty if they fail to install green measures within a year of moving into their home.

The Guardian tells us that a £2,000 subsidy would be available to introduce the energy saving package, which would cover home insulation, draught-proofing and heating renewal.

Lib Dem environment spokesman Chris Huhne is unimpressed by the government’s commitment to cut carbon emissions from homes by 60% by 2050, claiming that there aren’t the policies in place to meet this target.

Expect to see the ageing Menzies Campbell travelling to Westminster on his penny-farthing in the coming months.

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