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Britney Spears’ Ginger Fur Nightmare

by | 18th, April 2007

britneylo_4.jpg“BRITNEY’S WORST NIGHTMARE,” promises the Enquirer.

Is Britney Spears’ greatest fear: a) her hair falling out, b) a misspelt tattoo, or c) being naked and chased by an old into a pit of snakes?

The answer, as the Enquirer reveals on its front page, is: D) “K-FED & LINDSAY.”

Night terrors come no less terrifying than K-Ferret, the rapping rodent. But surely sleepy thoughts of Lindsay Lohan and her fire crotch elicit an altogether more ruby dream.

The problem is that in Britney’s mind’s eye the two are together, locked in a maelstrom of ginger fur and bad lyrics.

A source tells the Enquirer that Kevin is “not denying” he has met with Lohan. The source talks of K-Ferret’s “private session wit the sexy vixen”.

And this is the same Lohan with whom Britney shared “the wildest time of her life”. Was it not Lohan who stood by offering support as Britney went about town without her knickers?

And now “Hollywood insiders” are speculating that Lohan and Federline are “secretly dating”.

“I understand she was very giggly on the phone,” says a source, “and invited Kevin to her hotel for what she called a business meeting. The pair apparently met in full view of everyone.”

Another source tells us: “Lindsay is the last person in the world she’d [Britney] would expect to see him with.”

Surely the last person we’d expect to see Kevin smooching with would be Osama bin Laden, Kate Middelton or John James, who used to play the quiff in Dynasty.

But this is not out mind under the microscope but Britney Spears’. This is her nightmare

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