Anorak News | Not So Clever Trever: Izzadeen Goes And Omar Bakri Returns

Not So Clever Trever: Izzadeen Goes And Omar Bakri Returns

by | 25th, April 2007

abu-izzadeen.jpg“’BEHEAD Our Boys’ cleric arrested in terror raids,” says the Sun, the words hanging over the picture of an open-mouthed Abu Izzadeen.

With hook-handed Abu Hamza in jail and “mad mullah” Omar Bakri in Lebanon, hopes were high that Izzadeen would step into these shoes and become the recognisable face of Muslim extremism.

But now we read that Izzadeen, nee Trevor Brooks, has been arrested over claims he incited terrorist acts overseas.

Izzadeen showed some promise when he heckled a speech given by Home Secretary John Reid. In September last year, Reid gave a talk in East London. Izzadeen arrived and, as the Express reports, criticised Reid for entering an “Islamic” area.

As we say, Izzadeen had promise. Blessed with equal parts lunacy (he called the 7/7 bomber “completely praiseworthy”) and bloodlust (“He who joins the British Army… he is a mortal Kaffir. His only hokum is for his head to be removed”), Izzadeen’s career as Nutter Number One was shaping up well.

But now Izzadeen is under arrest. And, as the Mail reports, he is not alone. Izzadeen is joined in the back of the police van by five other men, all former members of the outlawed Al-Muhajiroun group formed by – that’s right – Omar Bakri.

Inexplicably, the Sun has not heard from Bakri. But we hope the reintroduction of the Bakri name leads to his re-emergence in the tabloid press.

Whisper it, but these days it hard to find an Islamic nutter you can rely on…

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