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I Was Anna Nicole Smith

by | 27th, April 2007

anna2.jpgANNA Nicole Smith is alive?

Like you, we too are shocked to open the Enquirer and see the pneumatic blonde posing for the snappers. And she’s talking.

Is this some macabre new sideshow in a life of show? Is this what happens when Hollywood’s biggest stars exit stage right?

Who needs to eke out entertainment from nodding heads passing judgement on the dearly departed and bowdlerising their work in kiss-and-tells and cod tributes when you can just keep the real deal ticking on for ever with some animatronics, nylon and glue?

So this is Anna Nicole Smith. The new old Anna Nicole Smith.

To many eyes, the differences between the old and the new appear minimal. But to keen Anna watchers, the one on the left is not Anna at all but Dawn Behren.

As the Enquirer reporters, Anna’s “doppelganger” died with her muse.

As Dawn says: “But now companies are afraid to hire me as Anna for their functions because they’re concerned people may think it’s in bad taste.”

Bad taste? Anna Nicole Smith… Who’s the daddy? Ancient husband… Bad taste? Why now?

“Instead,” says Dawn, “I’ve been posing as Marilyn Monroe, who I used to impersonate years ago before everybody kept mistaking me for Anna.”

And has not Dawn hit upon her new career, by accident.

Hired by the same person who employs Elvis Presley to flip burgers in various locales across Middle America, Dawn could lift the Anna Nicole Smith myth to a new level.

Who can believe the Enquirer would not pay well for stories from people who claim to have seen Anna in a carwash, Anna in a nun’s habit, Anna on a grassy knoll with her legs wrapped around James Dean…

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