Anorak News | Big Brother Invades America And Paris (Hilton)

Big Brother Invades America And Paris (Hilton)

by | 27th, April 2007

me.jpgBIG Brother’s bully in a bra, Danielle Lloyd, commandeers the Star’s front page to tell the world: “I’m off to conquer America.”

Rarely in the field of human endeavour has a proclamation of war been issued by a woman wearing a black bra and knickers – knickers on the point of being ingested by Dani’s rear armies.

But Danielle was always a mould breaker – B-cup, DD–cup, E-cup; there’s no pigeon-holing this one.

Inside the paper and Danielle reveals that she will conquer the United States with her, well, her conkers.

Says Dani: “I’m so excited, I can’t wait to conquer the States. I want to meet up again with Paris. I met her at the Bond premiere in London earlier this year and she was so sweet. She’s a really nice girl and we got on well.”

What odds that Danielle will soon be by Paris Hilton’s side, showing the Americans how when it comes to flashing privates in public, the British are the world’s foremost force.

But Dani’s ambitions are even greater. In this modern take on the Mouse That Roared, Dani’s full thrust aims high.

Says she: “It would be amazing to see my Hollywood idols like Cameron Diaz. She started out modelling and she’s now one of the best actresses in the world.”

Can Dani be the next Cameron Diaz?

“I’d really like to go into acting,” says she. “I’ve been offered a few small parts, some film roles, but I haven’t had time to look at the scripts properly yet.”

Dani in a film with a script… Who knew?

She adds: “When I’m less busy, I’ll get around to it.”

And Dani is busy. Danielle has a country to invade, 300 million people to tame and make bend to her will.

Venture forth, brave Dania. We’re right behind you – three thousand miles behind you. Goodbye! Goodbye? God speed!

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