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‘Southern Fried’ Hillary Clinton Has Tony Blair’s Speech Patterns

by | 27th, April 2007

YOU know how Tony Blair changes his accent to suit his audience? Hilliary Clinton does it too.

We don’t mean Blair being an American with an English accent. It’s when he goes Estuary down south and Scots up north.

Tony does it by degrees. It is subtle. When in Birmingham, for instance, ask Tony the difference between a buffalo and a bison, and he won’t reply in broad Brummie that you can’t pee in a buffalo.

But he will shift.

Now read this from the Washington Times:

“GREENVILLE, S.C. – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton took her critics head on today, challenging them for accusing her of adopting a different accent in front of mostly black crowds.

The New York Democrat and 2008 presidential candidate told the nearly 1,000 people packed here into a town hall forum that she rejects pundits who have nicknamed her ‘Southern Fried Hillary.’

They said after her speech in Selma, Alabama, about civil rights and after a talk last week to a black audience, ‘It sounded like she was talkin’ Southern,’ Mrs. Clinton, 59, explained to the crowd.”

Vote for Hillary and vote for a black woman…

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