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Vote For Sharia Law In The UK

by | 30th, April 2007

cherie-blair.jpgSO much for Cherie Law – the law of increasing returns.

The Express leads with news of Sharia law and how a court in Dewberry, West Yorkshire, is called the Sharee Council.

In no way is Sharee, sorry, Cherie Blair thought to be involved with this local judiciary, a “draconian court system” run by “Muslim radicals”.

And Dewsberry, as the Express notes, is the very place where 7/7 bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan lived.

Good of the Express to highlight this legal pluralism which binds communities on civil matters within their own religious codes. These courts of arbitration may be quicker and cheaper than more traditional British courts.

And, of course, these courts show how important the rule of law is even when a nutcase like Khan is doing his damnedest to undo it.

“Should Muslims have their own law here?” asks the Express in its daily phone poll. The clear answer is ‘Yes’. But readers should not get ahead of themselves.

We should listen to both sides of the argument, for this is the way of things. Leo McKinstry agrees to be the Express’s Devil’s Advocate.

In “We cannot sit back and let Sharia law take root in Britain”, and beneath a picture of the aforesaid murderous nutcase Khan, the Express columnist sees the “end of traditional British justice”.

No, not because Tony Blair and his minions have thought about locking people up for 90 days without charge, an attack on habeas corpus, but as a result of Sharia courts which specialise in “quasi-judicial religious zealotry”.

But if might work. Sheikh Yaqub Munshi, who operates Dewsberry’s Sharee law, tells the paper he aims to help those who will not seek a solution in British courts.

Readers learn that some Muslim women will only go to a Sharia court to escape a bad marriage or avoid and arranged one. Now they can be helped.

Of course, if they don’t like the verdict or the treatment, Muslim women and men can always take their chances in a British court.

Where mistakes never occur…

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