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More Breast Of Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd

by | 30th, April 2007

chantelle.jpgWITH one month to before the next Big Brother, Danielle Lloyd is tugging at the bikini elastic of her fame.

Danielle is surely aware that with a new batch of wannabes waiting in a holding bay in Belgium her fame is entering its thirteenth minute.

But before Danielle becomes the next Chantelle Houghton (who?), the Star wants to tell us about her “new op shock”.

The shock is not that Danielle arrived at hospital to find the official operating garment was a Stars And Stripes bikini (see Star cover), but that her breasts are to go under the knife one more time.

Dani has had new airbags fitted to her chest. And to make sure they don’t sag, fall off or start dispensing hot and cold beverages via each nipple, she is heading back to have them checked out.

As Anorak readers know, last time out Dani coordinated the removal of a pea-sized lump of gristle from one breast with a new breast fitting.

“There is no cancer scare,” says Dani. Star readers are relieved – and concerned that Dani does not go on to scotch rumours that she has leprosy, syphilis and any number of other diseases.

“I just want to make sure all the Daily Star readers know I’m okay,” says Dani thoughtfully.

But we have no proof. As the Star says, while the glue on her new breasts sets, she is unable to drive or work.

And with Big Brother starting in a month, we fear we may only have time to see Dani’s new chest once or twice before it is obscured behind so many new bosoms.

And arses…

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