Anorak News | Prince Harry Leads The Ronald McDonald Army To Victory in Iraq

Prince Harry Leads The Ronald McDonald Army To Victory in Iraq

by | 1st, May 2007

prince-harry-iraq.jpgTALLY-Ban! Prince Harry will go to Iraq and win the war!

In the next few weeks, Harry will be deployed to Iraq.

General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, says Harry will go. “I have taken the decision,” says he.

There Harry will lead a team of 11 soldiers. But in what way has yet to be confirmed. The Mail says, “Tellingly, he [Dunnatt] made no mention of whether Harry will be allowed to lead his troop of 11 soldiers on long-range patrols.”

Why this is telling, the Mail does not enlarge upon. Indeed, readers may think it more telling were Dunnatt to tell the world exactly what Harry will be doing when he arrives in the warzone.

Of course, Anorak suspects Harry will win the war. His presence will flush the insurgents out and make them easier to kill and capture.

And, in any case, the enemy says they know what Harry’s going to be doing. As the Shia militia Mahdi army has said: “We have people inside the British bases to inform us when he will arrive.”

All part of the plan, of course. Harry arrives. The Army stick red wigs on their own heads and atop each passing camel. The enemy charges about firing at everything. And they are picked off.

We win. Ronald McDonald gets a foothold in Iraq. And all is right with the world.


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