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Lucky Seven: Jennifer Aniston’s Men

by | 2nd, May 2007

aniston.jpgVINCE Vaughan says “TAKE ME BACK!” Jennifer Aniston.

As the Enquirer reports, in brilliant yellow ink, Vince is “JEALOUS of her other men”.

We who have read the Enquirer avidly for many a year had until now been labouring under the notion that Aniston had only one man in her life, and that he had been taken from her by that other women, Angelina Jolie.

This talk of Jen’s other men intrigues us. And the Enquirer reveals that Jen has been dating a “string” of other men since she broke from Vaughn.

And then there is the news that Aniston is also seeing Vaughn for “secret trysts”. Which makes him one of the other men, doesn’t it?

A source tells us: “Things too often turned sour when Vince began demanding she date him exclusively with a view to resuming their previous hot romance, and eventually marrying.”

And these other men are: Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt look-alike Sam Rockwell (you have to squint), Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Perry. For reasons unspecified, the Enquirer then equips this tale with pictures of Orlando Bloom and Ryan Kavanaugh. This brings the count up to seven.

Jen does not seem to be dating Vaughn exclusively. But perhaps she could meet him half way and utilise him on Tuesdays, exclusively.

This would leave her free to spend quality time with each of her loves.

And finally squeeze Pitt from her life…

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