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Proof The World Is Getting Faster: Richard Wiseman Investigates

by | 3rd, May 2007

THE world is getting faster.

A new book by Professor Richard Wiseman says we are walking at an average pace of 3.5mph. This is 10 per cent faster than in 1994.

Researchers measured the time it took pedestrians to cover 60ft of pavement in 32 cities world-wide.

Says Prof Wiseman, who led the study, said: “As people get more stressed and hurried, they spend less time with friends.

“They don’t have time to exercise, they eat poorly, and drink and smoke more.”

Although isn’t the fact they move faster worth investigating – perhaps the quicker walkers (drinkers and smokers) are fitter?

London was the fastest British city, with residents taking 12.17 seconds to cover the ground, beating Belfast (12.98), Edinburgh (13.29) and Cardiff (16.81).

The fastest walkers are found in:
Singapore                 – 10.55 secs.
Copenhagen             – 10.82
Madrid                     – 10.89
Guangzhou (China)– 10.94
Dublin                      – 11.03
Curitiba (Brazil)      – 11.13
Berlin                        – 11.16
New York                 – 12.0
Utrecht                     – 12.04
Vienna                       – 12.06
Says Wiseman: “The psychology is basically that people’s walking pace is determined by how much they think they’re in a hurry; how quickly they think they should be doing things.

“I believe a lot of it is technology-driven. What’s amazing is that these days, you press send on an e-mail and, if someone hasn’t responded in 10 minutes, you think: ‘Where are they?'”

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