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More American Gun Control, Or Lack Of It

by | 5th, May 2007

MORE American gun control news from Tennessee:

“Law-abiding citizens will be able to use deadly force in self-defense in more places under legislation that unanimously passed the state Senate Thursday and is on its way to becoming law.

“Currently, Tennesseans can use deadly force when faced with a threat of death or serious injury in their own homes. The bill approved by the Senate Thursday and by the House last week extends those areas to include all homes and vehicles, regardless of who owns them.

“Another bill involving the use of weapons also got the nod this week. That bill would prevent the governor or any local official from confiscating weapons or restricting their sale or transportation during a state of emergency or disaster.”

Police took guns from people in the New Orleans floodings disaster in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. With people destitute and dying, police looked for guns.

Thankfully over here in Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen. Nor do guns…

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