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Smoke And Mirrors: Big Brother’s Illegal Acts

by | 7th, May 2007

BIG Brother 8 will have LOADSA shagging. Loadsa fighting. But not loadsa fagging.

As reported, Big Brother housemates who dare to light up a cigarette in the house will be hit with a £200 fine.

The law on smoking in enclosed public spaces is set to come into force in England on July 1 and Big Brother must comply.

Says a source: “The housemates will have to learn that if they light up in the house they won’t just get a ticking off from BB. It will hit them in the pocket.”

So from the promise of sex, Big Brother has a new way to turn viewers onto show – Tune in for live smoking.


Of course, if the contestants do smoke, Big Brother could be liable for a £2,500 fine, which makes us wonder if they will show it. Or only show smoking when the ratings are in need of a boost..?

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