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Exodus: Scots Move To London

by | 7th, May 2007

FROM the Forums:

THERE will be thousands of column centimetres written in the next few days or weeks over the shenanigans about to start as the devolved Scottish Parliament members wriggle, plot and wheeler deal to establish some sort of Government.

The Scottish Nationalist Party has no overall majority and a lead over Labour of one seat. Whatever Government is formed it will be multi-party and most think a Labour-SNP liaison would rapidly deteriorate to date rape. So I won’t write about it.

But there is one interesting fact filtering out from the Scottish Capital City Edinburgh and the whole industrial heartland of the Forth-Clyde belt (where the majority of the Scots population lives).

The same story is being repeated in all the huge industrial North England cities such as Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Manchester. The phenomena appears to be hitting Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff too.

There are NO skilled site construction workers available. Northern Edition tabloid newspaper sales figures should be sliding because there’s no-one there.

Large and small building contracts are being stymied because of a skills shortage.

Every site agent responsible for flat conversations up to urgently needed multi-million Government sites is tearing out lumps of scalp along with the hair and most are said to on Prozac or liberal amounts of alcohol, applied internally.


Ask Lord Seb Coe, and the London Olympic Bash team.

Apparently the money on offer in London for the Olympic infrastructure construction sites is so vast; an economic Northern/Midlands Clearance has started.
Train, bus and van loads of site workers are travelling, practically in convoy, to London to cash in on the bonanza.

It’s alleged most site workers can even afford the English Capital’s Congestion Charges but that’s probably an urban myth.

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