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Why Israel Fights In The Summer: General Staff Minutes

by | 7th, May 2007

WHY did Israel go to war in Lebanon? Because it was the summertime, dummy. The university professors are on holiday. As Sandbox writes:

“Gentleman C: On the table before each of you, you’ll find a comprehensive study compiled by Middle East 101, looking at the academic year factor in Israel’s wars since 1948. What we’ve done is a statistical comparison of the amount of anti-Israel verbiage expended by American and European professors in all of Israel’s wars. I draw your attention to Table 8. You’ll see that in every war, our military operations have taken less incoming criticism during summer months. We call this the “Away From My Desk” effect. Professors on summer break are less likely to write op-eds and show up in the media. There aren’t any students to attend their campus teach-ins, and there’s no student press to cover them.

“Bottom line is that summer remains an ideal time to launch a war. The operational readiness of academe is at its lowest.”

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