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Pizza Off: David Hasselhoff Can’t See His Children

by | 7th, May 2007

thehoff.jpgDAVID Hasselhoff is drunk and eating pizza at home. Chuck in some smokes and a polystyrene pot of curry sauce and it’s a normal night in for most of us. But over in American, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has seen the tape of The Hoff’s antics and suspended his right to visit his children.

As TMZ reports:

On May 21, the judge will hold a hearing on the videotape and how it will affect Hasselhoff’s long-term visitation rights.The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff, his ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and their kids meet with a psychologist prior to the May 21st hearing. The psychologist has the power to adjust the judge’s order after meeting with the fractured family.

Strangely, the judge never admitted the videotape into evidence but said it didn’t matter because he’s a “normal human being”.

Yes. A “normal human being”.

We have a soft spot for Hasselhoff ever since he appeared in Chicago on the West End stage, a period of wonder that resulted in not one person drowning in the Trafalgar Square fountain.

If he should need a character witness, he knows where to come…

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