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Show’s Over: Madeleine McCann And Entertainment

by | 9th, May 2007

coronation-street.jpgMADELEINE McCann is missing and there are ramifications back home in Blighty.

No Portuguese restaurants have been firebombed by caring parents. Prominent Portuguese in Briton have not been targeted by lynch mobs. A swarthy doctor in Portsmouth or Gwent has not been labelled a paedo.

The grim news is that the “Maddy horror” has sparked “storyline chaos” in Coronation Street. As the Star’s front page screams: “CORRIE AXES KIDDIE SNATCH PLOT.”

The soap opera was to feature a plot in which Claire Peacock’s baby was abducted.

Claire is seen holding a picture of her baby. It’s not an E-fit. It’s a real picture. She wants her son Freddie found.

But now it will not be. Coronation Street’s producers had filmed “identical scenes” to those being played out in Portugal.

Claire and husband Ashley Peacock appeal for help. Just like Madeleine’s parents. Claire holds her child’s security blanket. Just like Madeleine’s mother. Claire hands out pictures of her child. Just like Madeleine’s mum.

So the story has been shelved.

But why? Are the producers upset that Madeleine and her parents have stolen their thunder? In soapland life mirrors art and not the other way around.

In light of that soap law, is Coronation Street concerned that viewers will copy the scenes and Britain will be overrun by baby snatchers?

Is there concern that a foaming-at-the-mouth mob will see any ginger child who looks like Freddie Peacock and instantly attack the nearest adult to him, screaming “Paedo!” and setting about them with sticks and placards?

A spokesman for the show explains: “We are aware that there are some similarities in future storylines to the events surrounding the disappearance if Madeleine McCann. We would not wish to add to the family’s anguish at this terrible time.”

Nor to see the abduction of a child as source of entertainment…

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