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Cherie Blair Resigns!

by | 11th, May 2007

new_labour.jpgARE you sure Cherie Blair resigned? Did any one hear her promise to go? (Pictures: Blair Hack; Cherie Beau Bo D’Or)

Looking through the Sun, there is a lot on Tony Blair but very little mention of Cherie.

There’s a picture of Cherie cuddling her First Gentlemen in 1997. And that’s it. The Express claims to see Cherie and her husband leaving by the back door of No 10. We see Tony climbing the steps to the jet that will take him to Teesside. But we can’t spot Cherie.

“Will you be glad to see the back of Tony Blair?” asks the Express in its phone poll. That question beneath the headline: “Blair: Sorry if I have fallen short (but not as sorry as we are!”)

But what of Cherie? Are we seeing the back of her? A picture of a woman with Tony Blair. She’s holding a placard. “CHERIE,” says the legend, “THANKS FOR LENDING US YOUR HUSBAND.”

But where is Cherie. We want to see her. Show us the body.

supertramp_cherie.jpgThe Mirror does. Cherie is holding some flowers, a bouquet of red roses. A young fan to her rear holds a signs proclaiming “TONY ROCKS”. Cherie beams.

More pictures. Cherie smiling in 1983. This is when the Mail says it all began. Tony was elected as MP for Sedgefield.

Cherie is clapping. Cherie is singing. “CHERIE, A CROOK AND THE PROOF No 10 LIED,” says a Mail headline from 2002. Cherie eating with chopsticks in China in 1998. Cherie with baby Leo. Cherie singing in the new millennium, linking hands with Tony and the Queen to make even the staunchest anti-royalist baulk at dreams of a republic.

“A brilliant woman who let us all down,” says the Mail. Cherie is with New Age guru Carole Caplin.

This is the First Lady. Britain’s first First Lady. She came. She juggled. But did anyone see her leave..?

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