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Big Brother: George Galloway Tells It Like He Wants

by | 13th, May 2007

george-galloway_saddam-hussein.jpgGEORGE Galloway was thrown out of the Labour Party for inciting Arabs to fight British troops, inciting British troops in Iraq and threatening to stand against Labour in an election, as the BBC puts it. George Galloway is the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

He then went onto appear on Big Brother in early 2006.

Galloway is in conversation with Digital Spy:

DS: At the time one of your constituents – a certain Oscar-winning British actress (Queen Helen Mirren) – suggested that you were abandoning your constituency by appearing on the show. What do you say to that?

GG: It’s rubbish. Most Members of Parliament are not even known by their constituents, much less their whereabouts. Much of the show was during the parliamentary recess, and the best answer was given by my constituents just twelve weeks later, when in the local elections we swept the entire Labour leadership out of office.

A bit of research tells us that in the local elections of 2006, the Labour Party’s Mohammed Abdus Salique won a seat in Bethnal Green (North). In Bethnal Green South, Salim Ulla, Sirajul Is and Carli Harper-Penman won seats for, er, Labour.

In Bow East, Marc Francis, Alexander Kenneth Heslop and Ahmed Adam Omer won seats for – you guessed it – Labour. And in Bow West, Anwara Ali, Ann Theresa Jackson and Joshua Peck won seats on the local council for – no prizes here, folks – Labour. And in Bromley by Bow Abdul Aziz Sardar won a seat for…Labour.

Labour held the Tower Hamlets council.

And in 2002, then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, who Galloway so indefatigability saluted, topped his personal best election performance by securing 100% of the vote in a referendum.

Labour did not field a candidate

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