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Bully Off: Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd Lives The Dream

by | 14th, May 2007

danielle-lloyd-knickers.jpgIT’S not as if Big Brother star Danielle Lloyd hasn’t suffered enough.

Dumped by her middle-aged lover Teddy Sheringham, pushed off a table and overlooked for any TV work, including a stint presenting Celebrity Photoshop (Dani and the team see if they can use computer wizardry to turn even the blackest celebrity white), there is more bad news.

As the Star’s front page says: “Dani’s terror as she’s mugged by gang.”

The heathen scum have attacked our Danielle and left her weting only a leopard-print bikini. For shame!

Dani is in the VIP section of Liverpool’s Newz bar. Surrounded by local VIPs – the pizza delivery boy from Brookside, the lad from the ‘Accrington Stanley’ milk advert and Coleen McLoughlin – Dani is in the toilets.

“I put my phone down to wash my hands and they grabbed it,” says “terrified” Dani. “I asked for it back but they just started swearing at me and yelling, ‘Who do you think you are?’”

These are not Dani’s people, as some may believe. Dani is outnumbered. She is pushed. She is shoved. Dani escapes and flees the club.

But, as the Sun reports, Coleen McLoughlin has offered Dani some comfort.

So not all bad then. Dani is mugged and terrified. But she sees her name in the papers. She meets Liverpool A-lister Coleen. And gets to be achieve something she could only have dreamed about: victimhood.

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