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The Bank That Likes To Say Yes: Halifax Fraud

by | 15th, May 2007

A CUSTOMER adviser who worked at the Halifax bank in Bexleyheath has been jailed for four years after helping fraudsters steal £2.3 million from accounts.

Twenty-four-year-old Shana Campbell passed confidential bank details to criminal mastermind Olawasegun Adekunle. The cash funded his lavish lifestyle which included a luxury apartment overlooking the Thames and a £87,000 Bentley Continental.
Victims of the massive fraud include a vicar, pensioners, businessmen and even a Nigerian prince, while former BBC war-correspondent Rageh Omar had a lucky escape after a telephone caller posing as the journalist tried unsuccessfully to access his account.

Council janitor Steven Fabian was also convicted for money laundering while a number of car dealers involved in the dastardly plan were also sent down.

Campbell’s claims that she only acted under duress were dismissed by the judge who told her, “Yours was a sustained, determined dishonesty. In my judgment, you were enthusiastically dishonest, even taking work home with you.”

If only all bank staff were as eager to please.

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