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Come In SNOWY: Big Brother Danielle’s Lloyd’s Call For Help

by | 15th, May 2007

danielle_lloyd_ted.jpgDANIELLE Lloyd, Big Brother’s orangey-skinned bully, is “distraught”.

As recorded in testimony, Danielle has been the victim of a mugging. In the course of a contretemps in a VIP toilet at a VIP Liverpool club, her mobile phone was stolen.

Now Dani fears the villains will unleash untold havoc upon the celebrity set by misusing the numbers contained on said handset.

Says Dani: “Please give it back. If you know anything please help. I really hate the idea of my number getting into the wrong hands.”

Footballer Teddy Sheringham’s face illustrates the Star’s story. Teddy was attached to Dani at the apogee of her notoriety. His number might be on the phone. Although given that he dumped her, Sheringham may be delighted his number is no longer in the wrong hands, namely Dani’s

“I know quite a few famous faces and I don’t want to cause them hassle,” says Dani. “Luckily I put some of them in under code so I’m just praying I get it back before the thieves work out who they are.”

Dani knows Shilpa Shetty (SNOWY), Marcus Bent (CHALKY), and the aforesaid Sheringham (DADDY).

“I hate the idea of them going through my texts or trying to sell them,” says Dani.

After all, if they do that, what will Dani do for material for her autobiography…?

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