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Wardrobe Of Court: Crime In Jean Hutchinson’s Bedroom

by | 16th, May 2007

wardrobe-office.jpgLIKE the magical entrance to Narnia, the wardrobe in Jean Hutchinson’s bedroom was the gateway to a weird, wonderful and, in her case, illegal world.

The Telegraph reports that 65 year-old Hutchinson is facing years in jail after her massive £1.8 million fraud racket was uncovererd by police.

The old age pensioner, who worked from an office hidden behind her bedroom only accessible through a wardrobe, targeted people who had recently emigrated, hijacking their identities and claiming benefits in their name.

Ironically, Hutchison’s office was situated above a charity shop in north London but now the fraudster, who invested her ill-gotten gains in a string of properties, is set to be sentenced along with her partner in crime, her 64-year old mute cousin Ralph Dale.

No need to help these ageds. Not when they help themselves…

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