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Tony Blair’s Chief Of Staff And The Arms Trade

by | 20th, May 2007

TONY Blair is going. And his Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell may be in trouble.

Dizzy writes:

According this morning Sunday Times, Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell may be in some more trouble. They have said that he may be investigated in relation to corruption allegations about the BAE/Saudi Arabia arms trading. His brother, Charles Powell (former foreign policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher) is alleged to have acted a lobbying back channel to Blair via Powell. Lord Powell has said that he may well have discussed things with his brother but he cannot remember.

The fact that the Saudi issue has now led investigators to Downing Street at a time when the Police have already been inside investigating other allegations of corruption and attempts to pervert the course of justice is significant though. For Downing Street to find itself embroiled in two potential corruption cases brings the Office of the First Lord of the Treasury into serious disrepute.

It doesn’t really matter whether the allegations are true or not really, the damage being done to the probity and integrity of the British state is, I’d say, unquestionable. The Blair/Brown era has been marred by sleaze scandals at almost every turn, and now it seems their culminating with some very serious allegations. The phrase “mud sticks” comes to mind.

The Saudi issue is an interesting one, especially given that Parliament has been told differing stories about why the fraud investigation was originally scrapped and who took the decision. Blair took responsibility, then the Attorney General said it was the Serious Fraud Office, whilst the Serious Fraud said they faced no political pressure to drop the fraud probe.

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