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The £8,000 Fraud Of The Dance

by | 22nd, May 2007

AUDACITY is a word that springs to mind in the case of cheating dancer John Dennis.

According to the Mirror, the 47-year-old continued to claim £8,000 in disability benefits while teaching dance classes four times a week at three schools and two dance studios.

Dennis, from Llandewi Brefi, Cardiganshire, claimed his knees had been destroyed by arthritis and even hammed it up using walking sticks.

He had initially started to claim both living allowance and incapacity benefit after sustaining an injury while working as a stage dancer. However, even after recovering from his injuries he continued to pocket the extra cash. After four years, his dance of deception came to a sudden halt when investigators received a tip-off.

Yesterday at court in Aberystwyth, Dennis was in no mood to dance when he was sentenced to 200 hours community service.

Commenting on the case, a Work and Pensions spokesman says: “There are no excuses for taking money that isn’t yours.”

Unless you are a bank.

Spare a though for another shyster, this time in the rather more sinister form of jailed crime boss Terry Adams. The poor dear is claiming that he has been ruined by a £5.5 million legal bill.

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