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Mark Keenan £65 Divorce-Online Hits Our Screens

by | 23rd, May 2007

mccartney.jpgIN a move that will have middle England decrying that this is the end of civilisation, while secretly making a mental note of the phone number on the screen, adverts for cut-price divorces are to be beamed into our homes for the first time later this month.

Divorce-Online, the brainchild of Mark Keenan, offer cheap and maybe even cheerful divorces for £65 plus VAT, with couples posted all their forms to sign and even spared the hassle of attending court.

Their adverts will be broadcast on digital channels as well as YouTube and Keenan is convinced that he is providing a worthwhile and ethical service. Says he: “We do a good, professional job for people and provide an alternative to high street solicitors, and we just charge a tenth of the price. The number of marriage breakdowns is sad but these are already happening. We just help people keep more of their money to benefit themselves and their children.”

In responding to criticism that the cut-price divorces could encourage more people to spilt, Keenan also tells us: “I’ve never had someone ring me up and say, ‘My wife’s just annoyed me, I want a divorce right now.'” Although surely he’d be delighted if they did.

A recent survey found that uncontested divorces usually cost between £850 and £2,500, rather more than Divorce-Online’s £65, which is about the price of a five month subscription to the Playboy Channel for newly single men…
No stranger to divorce himself, professional Scientologist Tom Cruise has splashed out on a £50,000 custom-built Italian motorbike, no doubt to help him escape the persistent rumours about his ‘colourful’ private life.

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